Fela Kuti’s First Child Yeni Kuti Shares Lovely Photos As She Clocks 60

Fela Kuti’s First Child Yeni Kuti Shares Lovely Photos As She Clocks 60


The first child of legendary singer Fela Kuti, Yeni Kuti has shared some lovely photos to mark her 60th birthday today 24th May 2021.

Yeni Kuti despite aging still looks beautiful and she was just slaying with her gray hair which looks so amazing on her in the photos she shared to mark her 60th birthday today and she has been celebrated a lot.


Almost everyone who chances of her photos talks about how beautiful and elegant she looks in her 60s and how her gray hair suits her so well especially the way she slew with it in one of the photos she shared.

Yeni Kuti has come so far as she’s 60yrs today and most people are grateful for her life therefore almost all netizens who celebrated her said how beautiful she is as well as wish her all the best praying she ages gracefully.

Old age looks good on Yeni Kuti as even though she is 60yrs, one wouldn’t have believed she’s that old if not for her gray hair as she looks so young than her own age and unlike others, she didn’t reduce her age but owned it gracefully.

Aging gracefully and still looking this beautiful is a blessing most people pray for and Yeni Kuti has been fortunate to be blessed with that and she seems to be happy with her new age by accepting it with her full chest.

photos below;




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