“Why You Should Not Inherit Your Friend’s Enemies” – Singer, Teni

Popular Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni has taken to social media to give reason why people shouldn’t inherit their friend’s enemies.

She shared this rare tip with a teeming 3.5 million followers in a video she uploaded on her official Instagram page over the weekend.

Citing a personal experience, Teni said people who inherit their friend’s enemies are likely to be enemies with those persons while their friend reconciles with the supposed enemy.

Teni talked about a friend of hers who had issues with her boyfriend and she took it upon herself to verbally abuse the said boyfriend.

However, Teni is now regretting her action as her friend and her feuding boyfriend have now reconciled and are all loved up on social media.

Speaking further, she said what saddens her heart the most is that the said boyfriend sent money to all the friends of his girlfriend in the past yuletide except her.

Watch her video below;

Source: The African Media

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