Weed Brownies : The Trending Cool Among Nigerian Youths

Weed Brownies : The Trending Cool Among Nigerian Youths

brownie can be described as a rectangular or square shaped chocolate baked cake. They may include ingredients such as cream, cheese , chocolate chips , nuts , sugar , margarine among other things .

It is therefore very surprising that the latest ingredient found in the fastest selling brownies in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria is Weed . Popularly referred to as ” Highness edibles , this weed laced brownies are fast becoming the favourite snacks of experimental youths who have been promised the effective elevation powers that these edibles possess.

Weed laced brownies sellers are now everywhere on the social media space in Nigeria and have gained notorious recognition on the social media platform , Twitter . Sellers now openly and without fear place adverts for these ” Highness” products to be bought and used.

It is even more shocking that these “Highness edibles” are being sold on the internet without any sort of restriction or surveillance from the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency ( NDLEA), the Federal agency in Nigeria responsible for tackling the menace of hard drugs in Nigeria as empowered by Section 3 of the NDLEA Act.

Section 11(c) of the NDLEA Act Cap N30, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 states that any person who without lawful authority sells , buys ,exposes or offers for sale or otherwise deals in or with the drugs popularly known as Cocaine , heroine or other similar drugs shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for life.

This section of the law goes to show that vendors that advertise these harmful drugs on social media networks , people who share and retweet these adverts and buyers of these edibles are all liable upon conviction to spend the remainder of their lives in Prison all because they are ignorant of the law.

Section 41 of the Act further gives An officer of the Agency the power to arrest any person whom he suspects to have committed an offence under the act. This simply means anyone suspected to be selling or buying these illegal drugs based on their activities on social media can be picked up and arrested.

The opinion of some sellers that they can lay claim to the fact that the edibles are just ordinary cakes is unknown to law as an Officer of the Agency is allowed by law to take samples and test the products found on the suspected persons to determine whether they contain the banned and illicit substance in line with section 41(b) of the Act .

In conclusion, it is advised that anyone that is in contravention of these laws should not feign ignorance anymore and should desist from these unlawful acts before the long arms of the law catches up with them.



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