We Don’t Need Covid-19 Vaccine In Africa — Rapper Vector Blows Hot

We Don’t Need Covid-19 Vaccine In Africa — Rapper Vector Blows Hot

Nigerian best Rapper Vector Tha Viper has dropped his opinions on the use of Covid-19 in Africa..

He said African countries doesn’t need the so-called vaccines produced by European countries as our food is medicinal in the their own and if the government can tap into our native trado-medicine, we would be better off than accepting that using the vaccines which still have a lot of speculations on it usage.

How i expect our government to utilize the education of our scientists.
How i expect that we tap into trado-medicine with modern medicine knowledge (we can’t undo our school experience) and create solutions or at least attempt from our Original ways.

How I expected that we believe in our ways and advance it in our own understanding.

I didn’t wish because it’s not impossible to picture.
We can have our arguments for mental stimulation and still stay on Guard.
No matter wetin be lamba, the deaths are not.
I don’t know why we are all acting like it is impossible for Africa to save the world it has been saving since.

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