War Reloading: Herdsmen Returns To Igangan Oyo State, Destroys Farms

War Reloading: Herdsmen Returns To Igangan Oyo State, Destroys Farms

Fresh unrest seems to be cooking at the Ibarapaland of Oyo State as Fulani herdsmen’s return to the area, alleging destruction of farms in the area.

Igangan farmers told newsmen th at herdsmen did not just return to the area; they have begun destroying farms and have issued a threat to attack anyone who does not comply with them, grazing on their farms.

The Chairman of Real Farmers Association of Nigeria, Igangan branch, Mr. Abiodun Adegoke, in an interview with our correspondent, said some of the cases were reported to the police in Ayete and Igangan.

Mr. Abiodun Adegoke, Chairman of Real Farmers Association, Igangan branch, while speaking to newsmen, said some cases of the brewing crisis between the farmers and herders were reported to the police.

The Chairman had accused some farmers of grazing on a cassava plantation at Olukose village, causing the destruction of a large part of the farm. He further disclosed that the farmers stormed the farm at around 7:30 p.m, adding that the farmers had to call on others and their families to pursue the herdsmen away.

Adegoke added that the anti-open grazing law proscribed in the state is of non-effect as the herders do not adhere to it.

He said, “Two weeks ago, another incident happened at Asunnara village. Some herdsmen grazed their animals on the farm of Semiu Ariwoola. They invaded the farm and started uprooting cassava there to feed their animals. Our people mobilized and ran after the herders and their animals.

“They escaped, but six rams among the livestock were caught and were taken to the Igangan Police Station. These people have shown that they cannot change. One would have expected that they would desist from farm destruction, plundering, and attacking farmers, but they have returned to their wicked ways.

“We were attending a meeting organized by the Justice, Development, and Peace Commission on Wednesday, and I received a call that some herdsmen were grazing on someone’s farm. The farmer challenged them, and they started beating him. Two of them beat him mercilessly with their rods.”

“As they were talking, one of the herdsmen, Yahaya, brought out a cutlass and threatened to attack one of our people, but when he saw that they were many, he stopped,” the farmers’ chairman added.

Mr. Olugbenga Fadeyi, The Police Public Relations in Oyo State, told newsmen when contacted that they would have commenced investigation on the issue as it has been reported.

He said, “The police would have begun investigation since they said the incidents were reported. We will continue to do what will promote unity and peace in every area.”



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