Man gets robbed in broad daylight in Johannesburg

A man in the city of Johannesburg was robbed in broad daylight by five men who him and mugged him. This attack was caught live on camera.

Robbed in Johannesburg

The victim was walking along the road when the gang attacked him and in an attempt to run free from the attackers, he struggled with the gang but they took his phone and wallet.

It was shocking that the incident was watched and filmed but no one came to his rescue.

Following alot of accusations in South Africa aganist foreigners who were said to be commiting crimes, a number of people reacted to the video by pointing out that there’s no outrage because South Africans are the ones commiting the crime, not citizens of other countries.


Robbed in Johannesburg

Flash back to the ‘Nigerians Must Fall’ trend on Twitter some months ago after a nearly naked South African woman was filmed twerking for Nigerian men and South Africans accused Nigerians of coming to their country to commit all sorts of atrocities.

Some South Africans have blamed the mugging on Zimbabweans and are already trending a hashtags to call out Zimbabwe citizens living in South Africa.

Man robbed in Johannesburg

See the Video below:


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Man get robbed in board day light in Johannesburg

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