UK is the six among the top countries who have the highest recorded cases of the COVID-19. The world fight against COVID-19 is so massive that every hand should support each other.

fight against COVID-19

As at now the United Kingdom has recorded 93,873 cases of COVID-19 resulting in 12,107 death cases. COVID-19 cases recorded worldwide is 1,942,360 and 121,726 deaths.


Aside all these setbacks, the Government of the United Kingdom is helping the developing countries in the fight against COVID-19. The UK Government is giving out a package of £200 million to back UK charities and international organisations to help reduce mass infections in developing countries.

Experts in Health have seen the flaws of developing countries’ healthcare systems as one of the huge threats to the global spread of the virus. Although the COVID-19 is yet to spread in the developing countries as it is in the developed countries but Health Experts have warned that if coronavirus is left to spread in developing countries, there is a huge probability of the virus resurfacing back into the developed countries.

The new UK aid announced today includes £130 million for UN agencies in response to their urgent appeal for support. Of this, £65 million will go to the World Health Organization (WHO) which is coordinating international efforts to end the pandemic sooner.

UK funding for the World Health Organisation will help provide more precise evaluations of how the COVID-19 is spreading around the globe, allowing aid to be targeted where it will save the most lives and stop the outbreak sooner, and helping countries respond to the virus.

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The new UK aid funding of £200 million is broken down as follows:

  • £130 million for the new UN appeal, including: £65 million for the World Health Organization; £20 million for UNICEF; £20 million for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR); £15 million for the World Food Programme; and £10 million for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).
  • £50 million for the new International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement appeals.
  • £20 million for international NGOs, including UK charities, to tackle the virus.

Further details of the funding announced today will be made available in due course.

Today’s announcement brings the total amount of UK aid committed to fight coronavirus to £744 million. This includes: support to develop new vaccines, tests and treatments; humanitarian aid, support for the International Monetary Fund to help mitigate the impact of coronavirus on the world’s most vulnerable countries; and a global hygiene programme with Unilever.

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