Two dead bodies have been found from ths scene of an attack by suicide bombers which rocked Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Suicide bombers in Mogadishu

The bomb blast occured at a restaurant called Lul Yemeny minutes after a man was halted from entering the restaurant building by security officers.

The spokesman of the police force Sadiq Adan Ali stated that

“A vigilant security guard for the restaurant stopped the suicide bomber from getting inside the restaurant. The bomber (then) suddenly blew himself up outside of the bar as you can see.”

Reports gathered from an eyewitness are that two dead bodies were found and a third person was severely injured from the attack and rushed to a nearby hospital.

The attack was said to be targeted at security officers, having being that the restaurant is located at the Mogadushu port where security officers and government officials regularly visit.

Responsibility for the attack has not been claimed by any sect but sources say it was carried out by islamic militants.

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