It Is None Of Your Business – Nigerians Drag TVC Host For Shading Davido’s Baby Mama, Chioma (video)

It Is None Of Your Business – Nigerians Drag TVC Host For Shading Davido’s Baby Mama, Chioma (video)


Nigerian has dragged a TV host for caliming there was no bride price paid on Chioma, hence, she’s actively Davido’s baby mama.

Watch the video below;

In reaction to this, Nigerians have taken to social media to drag the TVC host mercilessly. Dee reactions below;

iyaboojofespris; You don’t come on TV & try to pull down a lady like yourself woman, what is wrong with you?

You haven’t heard her story, you said you heard rumours, pele o rumormonger e le nu shoti🤨 you don’t even know what she is going through @ the moment, how insensitive can one be?

Your lack of wisdom & no empathy is on another level & it’s very annoying, trust me!!!

People like you go through worse situations behind close doors but are very quick slipping rubbish about a fellow young lady like yourself, we all make mistakes & that’s why we’re humans period.


chinnyelsie; I have a Bsc, and currently pursuing career for my Phd in public Health…

But Chioma has more money, with or without her qualifications Chioma can comfortably get a good job….

You spoke well but leave the education matter…. If I get opportunity I will drop education immediately

the__striker__; Please can everybody leave Chioma Alone for Christ sake?….everybody makes mistakes…

She has learnt from her experience…please shut up and stop using the girl for chick bait…everybody at some point in their lives did really stupid things for love, and if you remember the things you did, you literally laugh at yourself…E don do…let the girl breathe abeg

nnennaya___; God, please don’t give me a woman, mother or sister that will sit on national TV to dissect and discuss another woman’s personal business. Amen.

kyle_ib; So many of you think you’re better than her because she dropped out of school?

Fools! She has her stuff she’s doing, she has her business, how much will school certificate earn her that she’s not earning already, fools! There’s more to life than going to school!




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