Tunde Ednut Warns Fans About Toxic Relationships

Popular Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut has taken to social media to warn his fans about toxic relationships.

The singer cum blogger warned his fans to be on the look out for signs of a toxic relationship when they are dating someone.

He gave this piece of advice on his Instagram page as he shared a video of an angry man who did the most unimaginable and crazy thing by lying on the bonnet of his woman’s car whilst the car is still moving.

According to Tunde Ednut, he has experienced a toxic relationship before and has advised fans to walk out of a toxic relationship regardless of the handsomeness or beauty.

He wrote;

TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: I will never be tired of saying watch out for the early signs when you are dating anyone. Don’t ignore or else it will lead to worse things. I am a living testimony. Whether man or woman, they will show themselves slightly at an early stage. Detect it. Forget about the handsomeness or beauty, Leave that toxic relationship. NOTE: ***THIS PAGE DOES NOT SUPPORT VIOLENCE****

Source: The African Media

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