To ‘Knack’ Sef In Nigeria Is Expensive – Tunde Ednut Laments

To ‘Knack’ Sef In Nigeria Is Expensive – Tunde Ednut Laments


Popular Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut has lamented over the high cost of having a good bedtime with women in recent times.

He dished out an advice to men who spend so much just to get into the panties of a woman to stop.

Tunde Ednut took to his Instagram page and detailed the expenses one will have to take responsibility of before during and after having s.ex with a woman in Nigeria.

According to the controversial US-based socialite, one could spend about N50,000 to knack a woman which consists of her transport as she will use Uber preferably, and some money for herself which he thinks is foolishness.

Rather, Tunde Ednut advised men to use that chunk of money as gift to their mothers who are in dire need as they will receive blessings from them after because they will pray for them.

“Now to knack sef in Nigeria is expensive.

You will pay 5k for her UBER to and fro cause most of them no get car, that’s 10k.

There will be no light, you will buy petrol like 4k so that it will last throughout the knacking session.

No food in the house and these ladies like food too much, you will buy food like 5K because they won’t eat BUKKA.

You knack finish, you might want to give her something apart from UBER money. Then 20K for her.

So total cost cause you want to knack will be N49,000 approximately, for what?

My Brother, just leave these women alone please, send that money to your mother at home so that she will pray for you.”



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