“Tribalism Exists In The Nigerian Music Industry”- Rapper, Yung6ix Reveals

Popular Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix has revealed that tribalism exists in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Taking to Twitter on the 8th of December to vent out his frustration with Industry, Yung6ix revealed that tribalism is one of the industry’s major issues.

According to the “Energy” rapper, the same way tribalism exists in Nigeria, the same way it exists in the music industry.

Comparing himself to Jesus who he said was hated because he said the truth, the rapper said he knows what to expect from most people.

While it’s not confirmed what triggered this statement, it’s suspected it’s due to the fact that he was snubbed by the Headies despite releasing a rap album, “Introduction to Trap-Fro” this year.

Source: The African Media

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