People Have The Wrong Perception About Me”- Timini Egbuson

People Have The Wrong Perception About Me”- Timini Egbuson


Fine Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has said that he has been judged wrongly by people who have a wrong perception of him.

The younger brother of Dakore Egbuson, Timini Egbuson has told Sunday Scoop in an exclusive interview that he has been stereotyped as people have no idea the number of movies he has starred in and the kind of roles he had played.

Timini Egbuson is one of the Nollywood actors who has been stereotyped by many.

Many people have a mistaken idea or belief of Timini based on how he looks on the outside or carries himself.

He has however debunked the perception and insinuations people have about him concerning his movie carrier.

“People that feel I am being stereotyped have probably not watched all my movies.

I have done over 60 movies. How many have they watched? When you find out how many they have watched, you would realize that they have not seen half of the movies I have starred in.

I don’t think there is any character my colleagues have acted that I have not played.

I have acted as a bad boy, poor boy, rich boy, lover boy, ‘yahoo boy’, and others.

A few years ago when I didn’t have haters or trolls, I was very worried. I knew that success without haters meant that one was not really on top.

Now that the haters are coming out and I am hearing these other opinions, it just makes me happy.”



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