After six years of Presidency, On Tuesday, Josep Maria Bartomeu held a press conference to announce his decision to resign as president of Barcelona along with his board of directors, and admitted that he and the board are happy with the decision despite claiming a day earlier that he had no such intention

Bartomeu made known on Tuesday that he and the board are happy with the decision to resign. The Catalan businessman started his life as president of Barcelona in spectacular fashion, as the team won the treble in 2015, only to oversee a disastrous last few years for the club both on the field and away from it.

The board and I are happy with the decision to resign, Bartomou says

Bartomeu said at the press conference

The board and I are happy with the decision we have made.”

Bartomeu’s sudden change in attitude towards resigning came after the Catalan government gave the go ahead for the vote of no confidence.

We only asked for legal coverage, the same as [the organisers of the vote of no confidence] requested from the Central Government.”

Bartomeu claimed that the board’s decision to bring the elections forward to March 2020 was in order to bring calm to a tough situation.

We called the elections [to be held] in March to calm the environment. We had no reason to resign with elections scheduled for March and with work to be done. It is a responsibility that we could not avoid.”

Among Bartomeu’s main failings was the club’s economic situation, which he now leaves in a dire state.

We resigned without complying with the economic measures to reduce expenses and increase income. I hope that the process of adjusting the salaries of the players will be completed, if not, it will become a very serious situation.”

Adding further controversy to his tenure, Bartomeu departed by announcing that he had accepted the club’s invitation to a European super league.

We have agreed to join a European super league of football clubs. This acceptance must be ratified at the next assembly of delegates. We have approved the format of the new Club World Cup.”

Finally, Bartomeu made a point of highlighting the club’s on field success during his spell as president.

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