TB Joshua Wife And Children

TB Joshua Wife And Children

TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of all Nations is dead, and THE AFRICAN MEDIA would like to reveal the identities of his wife and children, we would in the process reveal some things you never know about JB Joshua.

In this post, you’ll find out several things about Evelyn, the adorable wife of  the deceased prophet

TB Joshua’s Wife: Evelyn Joshua’s Biography: Early years

Evelyn was born on the 17th of December, 1968. She is a native of Delta State where she hails from Okala Okpuno in Oshimili North Local Government. Evelyn was born a twin but her twin brother is late

She was born to the families of Mr and Mrs Nicholas Akabude. Evelyn attended St Emecheta Primay School in Ezi Town in Delta State but she didn’t complete her primary education.

Evelyn would later come to Lagos in 1977 where she completed her primary education at Orile Primary School in Oshodi. She also had a secondary education in the same vicinity.

At the time when she met her husband, she was working at the Nigerian Distilleries in Ota while attending the Assemblies of God Church.

After she got married, Evelyn attended some management courses in Ghana. Although, she is the wife of a pastor, she’s not a pastor but she’s actively involved in her husband’s ministry.

How They Meet, And How He Proposed
According to Evelyn, TB Joshua proposed to her within forty five minutes of their first ever meeting. She was twenty two years old at that time.

Evelyn visited her sister at Ikotun-Egbe and everyone seems to be talking about a particular prophet. Interestingly, all of them seem to have good things to say about him.

She wanted to meet the prophet as well because at that time of her life, she was looking for a spiritual guide. She went to see him at home with her sister but she didn’t meet him. Many months after, she went to see him again but this time she met him.

She was surprised to see that the prophet was such a young man. When he met her, he looked at her for quite some time then he wrote the word Ejide (twin) on a piece of paper.

TB Joshua told Evelyn many things about herself, some of which she knew and some that she didn’t.

After their conversation which lasted about forty five minutes, he proposed to her. This was really strange to Evelyn but according to her, when he made the proposal, her heart agreed with it.

She would later ask him how he could see a lady the first time and propose to her. It was at this point; that he told her about a vision he had some days ago.

Evelyn married T.B Joshua some months after that meeting and so far, it’s been a happy experience being married to the prophet.

According to Evelyn, that fateful meeting with TB Joshua was a divine arrangement because on the morning of the meeting, she actually had an instruction to go and see him. And looking back at it even though the proposal felt strange and she’s grateful to God that their marriage has worked quite well so far.

Their Marriage

Evelyn has been married to TB Joshua for over 25 years although she says there were some initial challenges due to their marriage being cross-cultural. TB Joshua hails from Ondo State while Evelyn is from Delta.

But apart from these initial challenges, things have been good and she feels fulfilled in her marriage. Interestingly, all her children are girls and this is sometimes an in some marriages, but Evelyn says she’s really not bothered because her husband doesn’t have a problem with it

Evelyn Joshua’s Children With Tb Joshua

Serah Joshua
Serah Joshua

Evelyn has 3 children with TB Joshua. The first child, Serah is a graduate of the London School of Economics where she studied Law. She was called to bar in Nigeria in December, 2015.

Promise Joshua
Promise Joshua

The second child, Promise is currently studying is studying International Relations and Politics at the London School of Economics.

The third child of the Joshuas by the name (Hart Joshua) isn’t well known to the public as it seems the family hasn’t revealed much of her identity.

According to sources, Evelyn is a workaholic and many say she’s the second most powerful person at the Synagogue Church after her husband.

Evelyn works alongside her husband in his ministry and she’s often seen meeting and counseling people especially those that were unable to see the prophet.

TB Joshua (Temitope Balogun Joshua).
Just in case you don’t know who Evelyn’s husband is, here’s a quick overview. His full names are Temitope Balogun Joshua. He was born on the 12th of June 1963. TB Joshua is the leader and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

He is also the founder of Emmanuel TV, an international television station with base in Lagos.

Joshua is one of the most popular and influential preachers in not just Nigeria but across Africa. His social media followership certainly testifies to this fact. He has over 3 million fans on Facebook and over 600,000 YouTube subscribers. His YouTube videos have amassed more than 200 million views.

What Evelyn Thinks About TB Joshua
There have been a lot of rumours about the kind of person TB Joshua is especially in the media.

According to Evelyn, TB Joshua isn’t a strange man or a mysterious person. She states that he’s simply dedicated to his calling and he’s a man who fears God. Also, she claims that the negative stories about him don’t affect her because she knows her husband as a honest and humble person who strives to please God at all times.

Quick fact

TB Joshua is dead


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