I Don’t Have Ticket Money, Please Take Me Off The Streets Of Turkey – Tacha Begs Her Fans (Video)

I don’t have ticket money, Please take me off the streets of Turkey – Tacha begs her fans (Video)


Controversial Reality TV star, Tacha took to social media to beg her fans so as to patronize her logistics business as she revealed that she doesn’t have ticket money to return to Nigeria from Turkey.

Tacha who is a young determined entrepreneur decided to use a hilarious strategy by begging her fans to patronize her business so she could get some money and be able to leave Turkey if not she would be confined to the place without money.

Tacha made it appeared that she has spent all her money in Turkey and is stranded hence her fans should help her by patronizing her business to take her off the streets of Turkey that she seems to be enjoying the most.

This is a very good business approach from Tacha as even though it seems funny from her side to be begging people as if she is indeed stranded just to get fans across the country to purchase her good to earn some money.

We believe Tacha isn’t in need of any money at the moment for her to use money from her business even before she comes back home to account for it hence the video she posted is strictly a business strategy to get fans to purchase her good.

Her fans and followers were just laughing at her as she seems so real in the video looking like someone who is indeed stranded in Turkey and her Titans promised to purchase her good so she could have some money.

Watch the video below;



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