“Stop Looking At Other People’s Success To Me asure Your Own” – Actress, Toyin Abraham Advises Her Fans

Popular Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham took to her social media account to advise her fans to stop looking at other people’s success as a medium to measure their own.

On her Instagram page, she had encouraged her followers to strive for their today to be better than their yesterday and kill all manner of comparison as it halts progress.

Here’s what she wrote;

Listen my darling, a lot of people are better than you and me, and you and I are also better than some other people. So, stop looking at other people’s success to measure your own. If your today is better than your yesterday, you’re on the right path and even it feels like your yesterday is better than today, don’t give up! restrategize it necessary, work hard, work smart, do more and keep praying.”

Source: The African Media

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