Singer, Waje Reacts As A Man Tries To Shoot His Shot At Her

Popular Nigerian singer, Waje has calmly turned down a young guy in his 20s trying to shoot his shot at her.

The young man who appears to be interested in Waje asked her how old she is as he wants to shoot his shot at her. He revealed he is in his 20s hence the singer should tell him her age to see if he can go ahead and shoot his shot.

He wrote;

@OfficialWaje how old are you sef? Cuz me am in my 20’s and am thinking of shooting my shot o

However, Waje respectfully turned him down saying she’s sure he will find a lovely girl about his age to show him that she’s far older than him.

According to the “The Best Thing” crooner, the young guy is so kind and she’s sure he will meet some lovely lady about his age to have the kind of relationship he wants thanking him for his compliment of wanting to have a relationship with her.

“You re kind but I’m sure you can find a lovely girl about your age. thanks for the compliment”

The Singer has a daughter who might probably be in her 20s hence there’s no way she could go out with the young man even if she was interested as he’s the same age as her daughter hence she did the needful by turning him down peacefully.

Source: The African Media

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