Singer, Viktoh Loses His Cool As Friends Who Left When He Was Broke Are Now Envious Of Him

Nigerian signer, Viktoh lost his cool as he slams his friends for abandoning him when he needed them the most.

According to him, these friends left him when he needed them, however, these same friends are now envious of his success.

He made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

The post he made reads;

“These days it’s now a crime to be successful! And it’s sad as fuck!

3 years ago i remembered how I sold my car and started jumping from one Uber to another sometimes bar no go Dey but I go trek am! People in gbagada can bare me witness some people will offer me a lift but I go just smile tell them say I just wan stroll unto say shame dey!

Yeah the music was good and sweet but let’s be honest for this industry no matter how your music sweet reach you gats promote am and promoting music involve finance and all.. went out to beg for help but got turned down several times but you know the moto we move still!

Now Wey things Dey work out for me and I Dey manage some people Dey vex for me and I know understand at all! I mean y’all watched me go through this suffering and shit! Now Wey eh don sup una Dey vex for me? My own guys! I’m sad as fuck mayne this life no just balance at all.

I’m really sad mayne cause I don’t even know how to feel at all maybe I did something wrong by investing in myself but stepping my game up! Cause the least y’all could do for me is be happy for me mayne y’all literally watched me go through all this suffering!”

Source: The African Media

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