Singer, Rudeboy’s Wife, Anita And Kids Relocate To America

Ace Nigerian singer, Rudeboy’s wife Anita Okoye, and his kids Andre, Nadia, and Nathan have all relocated to America leaving him alone in Nigeria.

Anita Okoye sharing photos of their kids Andre, Nathan, and Nadia on their way to school revealed that they have relocated to the US to continue their education as she has also become a student herself leaving Rudeboy alone in Nigeria.

They all seem to be loving it in America as they were all with smiles while taking the pho tos and according to Anita Okoye, they have been busy with studies that they don’t remember the last time they on their television.

Adding that they are there to take over, conquer, and be the outstanding, reason why they left Rudeboy alone in Nigeria to go all the way to America to continue with their studies and make it bigger than when they were in Nigeria.

Some netizens reacting to her post felt sorry for Rudeboy as he’s going to miss his kids very much because of how he bonds and plays with them almost all the time but then he can visit them anytime he wants and catch up with them as always.

She Wrote:

Off to school!! 💕😁

Who would have thought a day will come where my kids and I will all be off to school at the same time, Lol!!

We are all students o! Can’t remember the last time the TV was turned on in our new home!

Here to take over, conquer and be outstanding!!🙏🏾


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Source: The African Media

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