Singer, Ric Hassani Pens Down Emotional Tribute To His Late Father

Popular Nigerian singer, Ric Hassani has penned down an emotional tribute to his late father after he lost him to a brief illness.

Ric took to his twitter page to share his memories about his father as he described him as a quiet man who always loved his books.

He wrote: “My parents were a solid team. In all my 32 years hardly ever heard a raised voice once. They usually were always laughing. My dad was always laughing, or reading. They respected each other a lot, like a whole lot. Incredible People.

There’s an even bigger Library in his house (our family house) in the city (PH). I’m used to it so I never have taken a picture of it, I’d take one when we get back there so you guys could see it. I’m proud of my dad, he was such a quiet man, let me loud him today.

My dad’s library, in his house he built in our village. A great man, proud of him. Both my parents are Professors, so many books and so much education at home lol, it was (and still is) insane.

I am seriously proud of my Dad. I am gonna talk about him a little lot today guys. He was such a quiet man he never spoke about himself so I am going to LOUD him today, hope that’s okay guys?”

Source: The African Media

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