Samklef Drops Music Career, Turns Blogger – Here Are His Reasons

Samklef Drops Music Career, Turns Blogger – Here Are His Reasons


Popular Nigerian artist and producer Sam Oguachuba known by the stage name Samklef has disclosed why he left his music career to go into blogging.

In a video sighted on the page of Samklef, he was seen giving reasons why he decided to leave music and start blogging.

According to the singer now turned blogger, he decided to create his own industry so that he decided to be his own boss instead of begging people to promote his music.

According to him, when he started his blogging some of his industry players started hating on him and complaining but he didn’t give them the attention. Samklef has encouraged people to start doing things for themselves and desist from looking for validation from others.

“I started blogging because I realized the industry I find myself in, my colleagues only help you when you are financially stable or you have a particular standard. And I don’t give a fuck what they think about me. I’m glad am doing my thing. I started blogging because I told myself I wanted to create my own niche because I don’t want to beg anyone to promote my shit. Don’t let anyone treat you anyhow.”



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