How A Plane Disappeared Mid-Sky And Landed 37 Years Later

How A Plane Disappeared Mid-Sky And Landed 37 Years Later


Too true to be a news is how mysteriously a plane Pan Am disappeared mid-sky and landed 37 years later

Pan Am Flight 914 supposedly took off from New York city airport headed towards Miami in the year 1955, July second.

The flight was estimated to take only a couple of hours, but it dissapeared.

It could not even be traced on the radar.However, on 9th September 1985, the plane showed up at Caracas airport.

The ground handlers saw a plane approaching the airport and from a distance, passengers could be seen against the windows.

The pilot of the plane contacted the tower and asked where they were.

The control team answered the pilot explaining to him that he was approaching the Caracas airport.

In shock, the pilot responded that his flight was headed towards Miami, claiming that the crew was made up of 4 people, and there were 57 passengers on board.

The control men asked him to describe his flight in detail.

He claimed that the plane was supposed to land on July 2nd 1955. The control men responded that it was now 1992.

The pilot quickly turned around and flew away, never to be seen again.

This is a shocking story and has been thought to be a hoax for sometime. Some people argue that the flight may have entered some kind of a time travel portal.

Others argue that it is a hoax. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section.




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