A Nigerian Lady named Jennifer Oghenewaire Nikoro has sparked a bit of a reaction over the internet after bagging a law degree despite being physically disabled.

Jennifer took to LinkedIn to celebrate this great feat of how she was able to defy all odds and achieve her dreams despite her disability. In her post on LinkedIn, she stated as follows:

“The road to success surely isn’t a straight road sometimes especially for persons like us with Physically disability… but we choose to push amidst obstacle.”

Thousands of connections on LinkedIn has been inspired by her story and gave congratulatory messages to Jennifer, adding that her ability and willpower is worth admiration.

Bradley Pinto

“You are destined to be a big lawyer. Let not ur handicap hinder you. It’s how you tackle your opponent in the court that really matters, so don’t worry about ur hand. You look awesome & you have the brains… That’s all that matters. “I congratulate & salute you dear. God bless you with a great future & lots n lots of success.”

Jennifer currently runs a Facebook Page titled More Than Disability where she encourages both young and old people with any disability at all to keep chasing their dreams and fighting challanges faced by physically disabled people over the world. In her latest post, she said:

“There are something’s in life that are out of our control, that you can’t change but live with it. The choice that WE have to make is either to GIVE UP or to KEEP GOING ON…. Are you going to believe in “YOURSELF” or you choose to believe everybody else’s Judgment about you.


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