Peruzzi Finally Addresses Rumour Of Him Sleeping With Davido’s Fiancee, Chioma

Popular Nigerian singer, Peruzzi has finally addressed rumours of him sleeping with his boss, Davido’s Fiancee, Chioma.

Speaking to popular media personality, Chude Jideonwo in an exclusive interview, Peruzzi exclaimed those allegations about him having affair with Davido‘s wife is crazy.

In his words:

“Someone said I had s3x with the wife of the man who helped me. Do you know how crazy that is? Even if you hate me, what did Davido do to you? So right now, I am careful of every pin that drops near me.

Speaking on how his mother’s death affected him and how he met Davido, he said;

“My mum was my best friend, I’m the only son, last born, I lost my mum to cancer.

“It was a busy period for me when it happened, I just dropped ‘For your pocket’ (and) 2 days after my mum dies.

“It was like me taking the time to cry in my house, tying to hide from my guys because we were already tweeting ‘For your pocket is out now’. I didn’t want them to stop tweeting so after some time I tried very well to tell them ‘allow, me when it’s time to cry I’ll cry very well but please let’s not stop sharing the song let’s continue’.

“ I had my time, I used to cry when I was taking my bath. I used to tell myself till tomorrow morning I am going to cry. Whenever I had the time to take a shower I’ll know that’s my time to cry, and as I’m crying the water is washing everything away.

“Then I’ll come outside again like it was nothing and back to work. So it was in between that period, that was when Davido posted my song on his Snapchat. I didn’t know him before.”

Source: The African Media

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