Get Turned On When He Smells Nice- Omosuwa Bukola

Get Turned On When He Smells Nice- Omosuwa Bukola


Nollywood actress, Omosuwa Bukola has opened up about her taste in the opposite gender and what drives her to want an intimate relationship.

According to Omosuwa Bukola, she is attracted to men who are very neat and smell a whole lot better.

She has a chat with Vanguard news where she talked at length about her dating life and the type of men she wants to be with/

She said: I easily get turned off by an opposite-s.ex who can’t take good care of himself.

Things that turn me off include poorly maintained teeth stained with cigarette smoke, general tardiness, unfaithfulness, jealousy and nagging.

I get turned on when he smells nice, clean-shaven, open-minded, honest, humourous, humble and matured.

She touched on her body and dashed herself some credit. She said: “My banging body, s.exy nose and pretty face.

Yes! Aside from the talent God has bestowed on me, I’m privileged to also have a very pretty face and s.exy body a lot of filmmakers are on the lookout for.

Everyone wants a new face on the poster but a pretty one that is sellable. And I can boldly say it has also helped my career.”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve had several heartbreaks and they weren’t good at all.

I remembered dating a guy I loved so much, even though he had a positive impact on my life that I wouldn’t forget in a hurry, he shattered my heart into pieces.

I could remember a day I walked into his house and I met a lady he was also dating there.

I was literally shivering, and he begged me to leave that day.

It took a very long time before I could get over it but eventually with the help of people around me I got over him.

That is why it is advisable to be surrounded by positive-minded people and friends because you’ll certainly need them at your lowest moments.”




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