The Range Rover which was reportedly stolen by an unknown man yesterday during NNPC filling station fire crisis at Fagba, Lagos has been recovered by the au tomobile dealer. According to news that filtered in, the SUV was found near an estate some yards away from the car lot.

The thief had carefully parked it there,maybe when it occurred to him that it would be hard to escape with it out of the state due to the lockdown grid.

Residents who saw the SUV have informed the auto dealer. What a relief.

Excerpts from his friend post who informed the public “Abi which kind wahala be that for the businessman?. Lockdown! Neighbour’s business on fire (he shares the same fence with the filling station), sure he would have had his heart in his mouth (over 30 cars) and then a stranger disappears with one of the cars? Mad o…”


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