How Pastor ‘Ndaboski’ Odumeje Became My Spiritual Father – Popular Actress Opens Up

How Pastor ‘Ndaboski’ Odumeje Became My Spiritual Father- Actress Opens Up


Nigerian cleric, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje better known as ‘liquid metal’ has been lauded by actress, Ify Eze who claims to be the spiritual daughter of the man of God.

Ify Eze has starred in movies like ‘Billionaire Gang’, ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Adanne’ , ‘Royal Crime’, ‘Agbomma’ and has starred alongside stars like Nkem Owoh.

She was engaged in an interview with the Guardian where she opened up about how she met the man Of God.

How Pastor ‘Ndaboski’ Odumeje Became My Spiritual Father- Actress Opens Up

Below are excerpts of the interview.

You are very close to prophet Odumeje, how has he affected your life spiritually?

She said: Yes, I am very close to Prophet Odumeje. I came in contact with him in 2019.

I saw a powerful prophet, I saw what I have never seen in any prophet all my life.

The first day he counselled me, he told me something about myself that no pastor or prophet has ever mentioned to me and I knew inside of me that it was the truth.

He took my battle as his battle. He became my spiritual father from that moment.

Odumeje is down to earth. He does not discriminate, he has pure heart . Odumeje is spiritually powerful. W

Whenever I look at him, I see what is in Prophet Elisha in the Bible. There was a particular way I was growing then, but he called me back and gave me peace.

There was so many things that were really troubling me, but when I met him he spoke to me like a prophet, he spoke to me like a father, a brother and a spiritual mentor and from that moment, I found peace.

I told myself that this is where I belong. I am proud to be called a daughter of the Lion. I don’t care about whatever anybody says. He has made a lot of positive impact on my life.

Do you think, Odumeje is being misunderstood as a prophet of God following the criticisms trailing his ministry?

She said: Yes, people always misunderstand Odumeje probably because he doesn’t run his ministry the way other pastors do.

Odumeje is just unique on his own. Whenever I look at that man of God, I see prophet Elisha of the old. God is really using him but people don’t know.

So, many people misunderstand Odumeje. When you are close to him, I think you will know better.

And until you are out there to make up your mind to understand this man, you will keep wagging your mouth without knowing what you are saying. Like he said, you cannot stop a moving train.




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