Nigerian MMA Fighter, Israel Adesanya Explains Why He Is Proud To Be A Nigerian

Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial art (MMA) fighter,  Israel Adesanya has explained why he is proud to be a Nigerian.

Speaking at an interview where the host questioned him on the wonderful abilities and success of Nigerians in everything they do, citing their involvement in internet scams, sports, education, etc as an example, Israel said it is because of the warrior mentality in a typical Nigerian.

Israel believes the culture and the warrior mentality within a Nigerian is what drives them to excel in whatever they do. He recounted a period where he traveled back to the country and saw the work rate of the people, such character and ‘never-say-die’ attitude is their motivation to succeed.

He may be right after all, Nigerians make the best out of everything they do wherever they are. In the kickboxing world, Nigerians are steadily dominating. Active fighters in the sports are 20-1 with Kamaru Usman leading, followed by Israel Adesanya, Sodiq Yusuff and Kennedy Nzechukwu. This is clear evidence that Nigerians are taking over.

Last year, Kamaru Usman in a chat with UFC president Dana White said the Nigerians are coming for the belt and in that year, the prophecy came to pass with three out of the four winning the belt. The warrior mentality is at play in every Nigerian and they will never back down until they are pronounced winners.

Watch video below;

Source: The African Media

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