Nigeria Polytechnic Ban Students From Driving Car On Campus

Nigeria Polytechnic Ban Students From Driving Car On Campus


Delta State Polytechnic as banned her students from driving cars within the campus growing sensation since it was first shared on social media.

The photo has sparked mixed reactions from Nigerian students on social media as they expressed disappoint over such ludicrous policy.

In the photo shared by Hakim on the microblogging platform, the banner positioned at one of the school parking lot reads;

“Students cars are banned from entry for security reasons”

Here are some of the remarks gathered by Kemi filani news below;
@whoismorj wrote;

“They should do same in my school Not for other wise reasons o but they drive on high speed way tootherwise it’s annoying students will have to run for there dear lives.”

@Davic wrote; “I really don’t get this though, are the students not paying their fees?

is the school not meant for them and the lecturers? Is this the best way to solve an issue of parking space? Na wa ooooo!”

@Rex’s Dad wrote; “security reason kill una there, this is just pure hate like they obvious glorify suffering so all the student should be walking when they have cars not like the school fuels the car for them, it’s absolutely stupid”



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