“My Woman Ain’t Paying One Damn Bill” – Rapper, The Game

Veteran American rapper, The Game has said he will never allow his woman to pay a single bill.

American rapper, The Game reveals on social media that he will never allow his woman to pay any bill.

Taking to his Twitter page on the 14th of April, the rapper explained that if his woman is taking care of the home, cooking, and doing all sorts, the bills are on him.

Also, he explained that he might be tagged old school for it but that’s where he stands.

His tweet;

 “Maybe I’m old school but my woman ain’t paying one damn bill. Not rent, not mortgage, not a car note, not nails, hair, clothes, phone or groceries…. if you’re taking care of home, cooking & fucking the shit outta me….. LIFE ON ME !!! Period.”

As a matter of fact, the rapper has three children but has never been married.

The 41-year-old rapper was engaged to Tiffney Cambridge. They dated for 8 years and have two children together, but they split before they could walk down the aisle.

Source: The African Media

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