Mother wrestles 2 men trying to kidnap daughter (Video)

Mother wrestles 2 men trying to kidnap daughter (Video)

An Indian woman has attacked two would-be kidnappers and rescued her four-year-old daughter from being whisked away.

The incident occurred in eastern Delhi’s Shakarpur area.

The two men had stormed the woman’s residence on motorcycles in broad-daylight and attempted to snatch her daughter.

While one of them succeeded in bringing out the girl from the apartment, the assailants were prevented from riding off with her when the enraged mother charges at them, knocking down the rider and motorcycle holding her daughter.

Throughout the encounter, the woman continued to shout to attract the attention of neighbours.

A neighbour alerted by her shouts attempted to prevent the assailants from escaping by creating a roadblock with a motorcycle but they managed to escape.

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However, police were alerted and they tracked the assailants’ whereabouts through the number plate of a motorcycle that had been abandoned.

The assailants were arrested and taken into custody, as guns and cartridges were recovered from them.

The girl’s uncle named Upendra was later identified as the man behind the kidnap attempt.

He was said to have planned the kidnap to blackmail his brother because of the success of his growing garments business.


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