Money Heist is the English name for a Spanish show La Casa de Papel. It became the most popular non-English show on Netflix. So much that it overtook many of the popular shows too, it was initially a typical Spanish TV show back in 2017. Months later, Netflix acquired the global streaming rights for the show.

Just today, Netflix dropped it’s the latest season, which is four. And almost a million has already binge-watched it. If you are one of then, you sure are dying to know if there’s a fifth season on the line.

Money Heist Season 5?

A fifth season is highly unlikely as we fans know that the show was designated for four seasons only. But that’s not all we may have some good news. The series has gained mass popularity. We are talking in millions or billions. The show is a huge deal, and letting it go may not be the choice for Netflix.


Executive producers Esther Martínez Lobato jokingly said, “Someone knows there will be, but not us.” While ABC Spain last year said Money Heist Season 5 series would take place, and the pre-production is now under progress.

Director Jesús Colmenar says, “That there is going to be a fifth can be said.” He also hinted on possible spinoffs.

Money Heist: The Story So Far [SPOILERS ALERT]

The story is narrated basically through the eyes of Tokoyo, played by Úrsula Corberó. The story began as someone by the name of Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, gathers a team to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. The group takes 67 valuable hostages. The group of 8 robbers works on the inside printing notes for days while the Professor guides and tackles the situation in the outside.

The heist with the second season when the group flies away with more than 2 billion euros. Meanwhile, the group loses three men; the most dramatic of all was Berlin’s ultimate sacrifice.

The story of season three starts with Rio been caught while Tokoyo reunites the team with some new members to free Rio. The group this time plans to attack the Bank of Spain.

The latest season has 8 episodes, each being almost an hour long. The last event being ‘The Paris Plan,’ clearly suggesting Berlin’s plans on the action.


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