Minneapolis Unrest due to the tragic death of George Floyd

Minneapolis unrest due to the tragic death of George Floyd has been very intense on the streets. There are a lot of people on the streets of Minneapolis protesting for the tragic death of George Floyd.

Floyd died on Monday in the Minneapolis police custody after a white Police Officer pinned him to the ground with his knee. A lot of People including the US President describe this incident as very sad and tragic.

Residents of Minneapolis took the streets to stage a protest against this tragedy. In response, the police of Minneapolis teargassed, flash bombed and fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

However, the actions of the Minneapolis police irritated the crowd. This resulted to a lot of incidences including burning of buildings, looting of supermarkets and others yet to reports by The African Media.

Many people has videoed this Minneapolis unrest and posted on social media. The African Media has a few to back this report.