Meet Son Of Yakubu Gowon Who Has Spent 22 Years In US Prison (Photo)

Meet Son Of Nigerian Head Of State Who Has Spent 22 Years In US Prison

Musa Gowon is the son of former Nigerian Head of State, whose paternity was disputed for a long time but finally was accepted by Yakubu Gowon after a Comprehensive DNA test in March 8, 2016.

Musa is the product of a love affair between Gowon and Edith Ike Okongwu, a former Public relations specialist. Edith was in a love relationship with Yakubu Gowon, which was aimed at marriage but broke up during the civil war.

Edith travelled to Germany, when their love affair broke up and Gowon later married Victoria. After the war, Edith returned to Nigeria and Gowon disputed the paternity of Musa, the issue became a legal tussle between Edith Ike Okongwu and General Yakubu Gowon, the then head of state.

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However, the case ended in favour of Edith Ike Okongwu. Musa was caught in the United States over allegations of drug trafficking, which on conviction earned him, 40 years jail term. In 2015, Musa was released by the government of Barack Obama on grounds of prerogatory of mercy and deported to Nigeria.

General Yakubu Gowon in 2016, after a Comprehensive DNA test declared Musa, his biological son and reintegrated him into his family for rehabilitation.

Musa is now married to Vivienne Agbonkhese and doing very well as he is being rehabilitated to take his rightful place in the family.



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