Jerusalema deleted from YouTube

Jerusalema deleted from Youtube

Jerusalema deleted from Youtube. Master KG’s Jerusalema which had turned to be an international anthem has been deleted from YouTube.

The song made Master KG a house hold name as it was being played everywhere.

The video on YouTube has gotten over 65 million views and many dance challenges were made using the song.

Unfortunately as from the late hours of August, 5 2020, when the video is being searched on Youtube it’s not being found.

Rather it is showing other versions of the song which is not the original with few views.

Master KG confirmed this devastating news that Jerusalema has been deleted from YouTube.

It is not clear what caused the video to be deleted wether it was the technical error on Master KG’s side or YouTube.

Either way people were hurt by this development.

Here are some of the comments made by Tweeps over this unfortunate development.

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