Men Masturbate A lot With My Pictures –Mandy Ujunwa

Men M.asturbate A lot With My Pictures –Mandy Ujunwa


Nigerian actress Ujunwa Mandi Obi has disclosed that some men have opened up to her that they m.asturbate with her pictures when they are horny.

According to her, her Instagram page gets inundated with requests from men that they want to be romantically involved with her.

She said: “I get lots of funny messages on my Instagram page. In fact, it is an everyday thing.

I just read them and laugh. But the most embarrassing message I received recently was when a guy sent me a DM saying he uses my pictures and videos to m.asturbate. I was shocked!”

She spoke about her acting career and said: “For now, I have taken a break from acting because it’s not easy.

Acting is not easy at all because of s.exual harassment. I need to put myself together before going back to acting.

Some movie producers would not let me rest. But I am not in for that kind of lifestyle because I value my body a lot.

My body isn’t for everyone. Only people that deserve it can have my body.”

“Yes, why not? They do. I don’t accept my exs back. Once we break up, I don’t know you again.

They always want to come back and have more of me, but I don’t give them that chance.

Even now, I’m not in a hurry for marriage. I’m still young and have a very bright future.

I need to make money before settling down with anyone.”




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