VIDEO: Man Makes Shocking Revelation On How He Got His Mother In-law Pregnant

VIDEO: Man Makes Shocking Revelation On How He Got His Mother In-law Pregnant


A Nigerian man is confused and seeking for advise after he revealed a shocking account of how he got his mother in-law pregnant.

The man who couldn’t reveal his identity when he called onto a show on NigeriaInfo FM stated it all started when he started dating his current wife and decided to get married to her of whom she introduced him to her parents.

He said the mother-in-law was just 15 years older than her daughter, and she became every close to him before the marriage.

She could visit him t the house and buy food stuffs and other things for him and was visiting frequently.

He added he one day bumped into her with her friends at his colleague’s party and invited him over to their table of which the mother in-law even introduced him to her friends as the son in-law to be.

After a couple of drinks, he was drunk and decided to go home but not after seeing his soon to be mother in-law off first.

He continued her driver was keeping long to come pick her and he suggested dropping her off the house.

He said along the way, he packed his car somewhere and suddenly, he and the mother in-law started kissing.

Things got really fast and they had s.ex in the car.

He later got to found out before the marriage that the soon to be mother in-law had gotten pregnant and given birth to a baby boy.

He tries his best to avoid any family gathering but had no other choice but to attend this particular ceremony of which he came into contact with the boy.

He said he felt guilty that the mother in-law gave the pregnancy to the father in-law and when he called the mother in-law to found out why she kept the pregnancy.

She said she and the whole family were looking forward to have a male child in the house.

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