Self-acclaimed plastic surgeon, Dr Anu of med_contour has taken online to justify herself after being called out over alleged botched surgeries she conducted and death of former beauty queen, Onwuzuligbo Miriam Nneka. 

Dr Anu liposuction

Dr Anu who blasts those calling her out, stated that she doesn’t think the dead should be disrespected in any way, as pictures of the late Nneka has been making the rounds on social media.

She also pointed out that those dragging her should have channelled their grieviances through appropriate channels instead of social media platforms. 

The Nigerian doctor also stated that Nneka never died at her plastic surgery clinic. Though she admitted that the late beauty queen underwent plastic surgery, she however added that she (Nneka) “walked” into Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for pneumonia treatment. 

Dr Anu stated that while Nneka was at LUTH for over a month, she was made to lie on her bum and also forced to discontinue her antibiotics medication which must have led to complications.

She insisted that there is evidence to show that the deceased who she claimed was mismanaged at LUTH, never had fats in her lungs after her surgery. 

Watch her video below


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