Lady Calls Out A Ruthless King Who Allegedly Assault Her Mom In Imo State

Lady Calls Out A Ruthless King Who Allegedly Assault Her Mom In Imo StateLady Calls Out A Ruthless King Who Allegedly Assault Her Mom In Imo State

Lady calls out a monarch who allegedly ordered the assault of her mom in Imo State, the lady took her story to social media platform Facebook demanding justice for the havoc the king wrecked on her mum and siblings.

She wrote;

Check the before and after photos of my mum … Disheartening right? What sort of a king does such a thing? All because of a tampolin outside my mums shop … My mum was severely beaten up by this same king of their community💔
He ordered for the removal of the tampolin which my mum was not even aware of eventually, it was removed. On Saturday 26th of this month king Emmanuel ibechi was actually jogging outside the street and saw the carpenter we actually called for the work doing what he was asked to do… He came inside our shop and commanded the young guy to come down! Which he did fearfully 🥺 my mum politely asked the king what is the problem onye Ishi?
He picked up a 2:2 ply wood and hit my mum 3 times at her hand. My mum was still asking him and this time around he gave her a blow at the eye … My siblings were furious telling my mum that this man will kill him if care is not taken … This same king made a phone call and his male children and workers came out and fought us oo my siblings (sisters) were beaten to stupor… He brought out a key wanting to lock our shop … He told my mum sternly that he will deal with her she thinks she is strong right? These whole stuff started cos my mum is an outspoken person. This king is greedy he only wants for his own good when they actually shared stuffs about palliative he brought them to his house and only shared quater of the items .
Rumors has it that my mum spat saliva on his face you can imagine! Nothing of such ever took place they are envious of my mum because of the way she is progressing
As I am typing this now … Our shop was looted our home destroyed
They took everything 😭😭💔
I want the government to look into this matter because this man has affluence
This matter happened at umuakagu Ehime mbano IMO state
King Emmanuel ibechi Akagu 1 of Akagu

Everything will be fine 🥺 my pink lips business money was taken and my items destroyed 💔😭 I am finished! I know what I suffered to save money

Because of this business I no buy Christmas clothe oo I used my Christmas cloth money to start this business… Now look at it now I am back to square 1 shishi I no get 🤦💔🥺

Nobody to ask for money



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