Kardashian family is ‘shocked and believe Kanye West needs help

Kardashian family is shocked and believe Kanye West needs help

Kardashian family is shocked and believe Kanye West needs help desperately. This is after Kanye West revealed that he and his wife Kim considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with their first child North West.

The Billionaire rapper made the comments during a rambling and chaotic speech at his first presidential rally at North Charleston’s Exquis Event Center in South Carolina on Sunday.

He revealed that he and Kim had considered aborting their daughter North, who is now seven, before he got a ‘message from God.

However, his unscripted speech, which came two weeks after he announced his unlikely bid for president, has since left the Kardashian family shocked and worried.

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Sources told the outlet that the family are ‘shocked beyond words’ by the Grammy-award winner’s personal revelation and feel he is in ‘desperate need of professional help’ for what they claim is a bipolar episode.

Family and friends close to Kanye have also been left upset because they feel the music artist is becoming a ‘distraction to what is a very important election’.

During his rally speech on Sunday, the rapper appeared to acknowledge that his comments would be met with a negative reaction by his family. He explained that if his wife were to divorce him after making the comments, he would still be thankful that she had North.

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