Kanye Cries Whiles Katy Smiles Coincidentally

Kanye Cries Whiles Katy Smiles Coincidentally

Is a coincident Kanye cries whiles Katy smiles? Kanye West was seen in his first presidential rally in South Carolina crying about a day ago. The Rapper Kanye West broke down in tears at his first presidential rally on Sunday in South Carolina as he discussed abortion.

The singer not only discussed abortion policy but also his off-the-cuff views on abolitionist Harriet Tubman, religion, international trade and licensing deals.

Meanwhile, in other news, Katy Perry posted on Instagram with a smile. She posted with a smile hashtag, “Get ur #SMILE game on”.

Few days after Kanye West declared his presidential run intentions, Katy Perry also heavily hinted she wouldn’t not support him.

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She told Hits Radio: “What we’ve learned looking back is that the presidential job is best suited for someone with experience and that is a pro in their field.

“I think we have seen and learned from experience that when we don’t have pros in position, that it can get a little wild.”

And now is it a coincident, Kanye cries whiles Katy smiles?



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