“It’s Time For Igbo Presidency” – Yul Edochie Declares Ahead Of 2023 Elections

Yul Edochie who announced his aspiration to run for president made this known on his verified Twitter page.

According to the father of three, the youths are unhappy and the Igbos must be given a chance in leadership so facilitate the restoration of unity, peace and progress.

He tweeted

The Igbos are unhappy

The Youths are unhappy

It’s time for Igbo Presidency

It’s time for Youth Presidency

Give us a chance

Unity, Peace and Progress will be restored. 2023

See how Instagram users reacted to his tweet;


One man can’t change Nigeria , everybody dey thief . It takes team work . Even if he’s doing the right thing the people below will not use the money given to them to change the community except if they send inspectors to monitor them and make sure they give an account on how the money has been spent and also go and check the work they have done . Nigeria needs a system and structure people can follow everybody is just doing their own thing .


Let a Igbo run Nigeria for once . And let’s see if there will be a change


This one will still enter and build small small bridge like Desmond. You don’t even know who to trust


Is it only Igbos that are not happy with Buhari? What tribe was Jonathan Goodluck? Should presidency be based on tribe or good leadership???


It’s not even about igbo, yoruba or northern president ….what we need now is an educated person that have the qualities of a president


I don’t think an Igbo man can ever be president..they fear that IPOB will finally be realized


Let’s give him a chance cos if we vote another old man there again then the jokes on us..

Source: The African Media

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