Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye has raised alarm that he is being threatened from outside the country since he publicly spoke against the 5G network.

Recently there has been controversy surrounding the 5G network and the potential harm it could cause humankind. Some people even believe that it is responsible for the coronavirus ravaging the world.

Dino Melaye joined those kicking against the launch of the network in Nigeria and called on leaders to reject the network.

Taking Twitter on Sunday afternoon, the former senator representing Kogi West at the red chambers alleged that he is now being threatened for speaking against the network.

He tweeted: “I have received 2 international calls threatening me and warning me to back off the 5G issue. I was told by the last caller that 5G is bigger than Presidents of nations so i should stop. And i told him it is not bigger than God. I am not killable by man.”

Below are some of Dino’s previous tweets against the 5G network.


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