“If She Ends Up Being A Housewife, She Has Sacrificed Everything For You – Actress, Mary Njoku Tells Men

Mary Njoku opined in a post she shared on her Instagram page that a woman who decided to become a housewife deserved constant accolades from her husband.

Her reason is because a housewife is a very difficult thing to do, because a married woman can also go out and make money herself, so for her to stay at home and be a housewife means she has sacrificed everything for him.

She wrote;

Dear husbands, Being a mum is just one of the dreams a girl has. And if she ends up a housewife, she has sacrificed EVERYTHING for you.
And it is the most difficult job.
It’s easier to go out and make money than to be a full-time housewife. Trust me, I have done both.

Respect your housewife. E no easy to give up everything.

Good morning.

Source: The African Media

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