I Would Have Been Jailed In Dubai, Tonto Dikeh Recounts Experience

Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed why she was deported from Dubai last year.

Recall that somewhere last year, there were news circulating that the actress was deported for dealing with drugs and all that but she said it was all false news.

The mother of one said she was not involved in any kind of drugs as people were made to believe and that she got into a fight with the guard because he called her “prostitute’’ in Arabic.

She said the guard saw her not properly dressed so he insulted her judging by her appearance and that caused the misunderstanding.

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She wrote on Instagram;

”Far from it. That incident in Dubai was not drugs because if it was I would be in jail. It had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol even.

“On that day, I was insulted by one of the guards. He said something very derogatory to me in Arabic, I think Lebanon. It’s called Sharamuta which means prostitute, it means a call girl and I was not so dressed.

“But it was a show, so I had like a very amazing bra inside and this blazer on top. To them, it is Haram when you are not dressed properly. So that is where all of the altercation started. That was the only problem, any other information is just false,

“I really don’t want to go into so much detail about Dubai because I have a home there now and I want to be able to enter freely after all of this and that is why I never really talked about it


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