I Love Money But I Can’t Marry Ned Nwoko – Jane Obi

I Love Money But I Can’t Marry Ned Nwoko – Jane Obi



Beautiful fast-rising Nollywood actress, Jane Obi, gave her thoughts on marrying billionaire Ned Nwoko for the love of money.

She declared that she can’t do it like her colleague did, even though she acknowledged that she loves money a lot, but declared that she can’t an old man.

She did say this by referencing her colleague Regina Daniels who married a 64-year-old billionaire Ned Nwoko.

Jane Obi said, “In as much as I love money oh, I don’t think I can marry an older man like Regina Daniels.

I want someone to grow up with me. I can’t even imagine myself as a second wife.”

Jane Obi further hints on how she has been handling society and family pressure to get married.

My key is determination and focus. One thing I have promised myself is that I will get married but in my own time and to the right person.

I am not going to allow the pressure to push me. Although sometimes, I wonder if there is ever going to be the right time or the right person.

I mean what’s the guarantee that after waiting that I will make the right choice? There is no formula in life, so I just leave it in Gods’ hand to make it right in his own time.”

I Love Money But I Can’t Marry Ned Nwoko – Jane Obi


Jane Obi, also opined that in as much as pretty girls can’t escape sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, she tries to avoid any situation that would box her into such an unpleasant corner.

I Love Money But I Can’t Marry Ned Nwoko – Jane Obi
Jane Obi also spoke about sexual harassment, the actress said, “Sexual harassment is something every young pretty girl can’t really escape both in and outside the industry.

I just try not to expose myself to it. I avoid anything that might put me in such a condition.

I just take it one step at a time. I have never really been desperate for anything.

However, in a world like ours, you can never be too careful but I will prefer not to call anyone out.”




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