I Have Slept With More Than 5 People – Regina Daniels Reveals In Tiktok Video ‘Game

Regina Daniels

Actress Regina Daniels agreed in to have a body count of over five (5) in a Tiktok video, when she was playing the “Never ever have I” game with her sister, Destiny and other friends.

The actress was seen in a Tik Tok “Never have i ever/drop a finger if you’ve ever” video

with her family and friends, then the question popped up.

“Drop a finger if you have a body count greater than 5” The interviewer asked.

Regina Daniels’ younger sister, Destiny Daniels forced her to drop a finger.

The video has become a thing of discussion for social media users across Nigeria. This is because, Regina Daniels’ mother, Rita Daniels had once boasted about her daughter marrying her billionaire husband as a virgin.

Source: The African Media


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