“I Don’t Want Anybody To Preach The Gospel To Me” – Nigerian Crossdresser, James Brown

Popular Nigerian Crossdresser, James Brown has warned people especially Christian not to preach to him about his lifestyle.

James Brown said people have been intimidating him about Hell and according to him, he was already suffering in hell when he had nothing to eat and no Christian came to his aid. Now that he has passed through Hell, he knows enough about that place and doesn’t need to be remembered about Hell anymore.

In his own words he said;

Let’s be guided, i don’t want anybody to come and preach for me, “James, what you are doing, you will go to hell”, which rubbish hell ?

It’s your father and mother that will go to hell. When i was drinking ‘pure water’ where was the hell. I don’t want nonsense in this 2021.

Source: The African Media

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