“I Can Cope With A Cheating Man But Not A Stingy Man” – Actress, Queeneth Agbor

Nollywood actress, Queeneth Agbor has said she can cope with a cheating man but not a stingy man.

The actress granted an interview with the PUNCH where she stated that she will prefer to be with a cheating man than a stingy.

The light-skin beauty said that she can cope dating a man who cheats because they will get tired and stop but stingy men are stingy for life and they can’t be around her.

She said;

“I can cope with a cheating man, provided he ‘cheats responsibly’. He could cheat then make it up to me by spoiling me. A man who cheats would eventually get tired of doing that, the same way King Solomon in the Bible got tired. History never fails to repeat itself.

He would definitely get tired and change but a stingy man would remain like that for life. Stinginess is not permitted around me.”

Source: The African Media

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